Curtiss Abbott Photographer | Artist Statement

Artist Statement

Immersive Photography

My goal, as a photographic artist, is to create fine art landscapes that draw you into the scenes that I photograph. I call these ‘Immersive Landscapes’ to reflect my intention that you feel almost as if you are inside my image - listening to the waterfall, walking in the woods, gazing at distant mountains. Nature offers such a wonderful palette of colors and experiences. I want you to see the colors, feel the quality of the light, hear the sounds and sense the fragrance of the air - all of the things I feel while capturing the image.  


I am often asked if I manipulate my images. Of course I do! I am creating photographic art, not a journalistic rendering of a scene. The best cameras in the world are still mechanical tools with limited color palettes and no feelings. They cannot see what the human eye sees. My role is to turn what the camera sees into what I saw and felt - through all of my senses – at the moment of capture.


What a joy - to be able to use photography to express the emotions evoked by the scenes before me and to pull you into them with me!